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Buying a Smart Home in the Chicagoland Area!

Buying a Smart Home in the Chicagoland Area!

January 9th, 2018 | buying a home, Chicago, security, safety, entertainment, savings, accessibility, SUPERIOR THERMAL COMFORT, Resale Value

Buying a Smart Home in Chicago land area advantage! Smart home takes a great advantage of modern building techniques and automation technology to give you a new control level in today’s real estate market. When you see a smart home you may or may not know that a smart home may be built from scratch with automation. As a key design goal or maybe constructions from an existing home during the renovation. In these two cases, it seems to me that both offer many advantages over an average home or old design home.


What I called a smart home, they have good security systems to do a good job of preventing home invasions and intrusions than those that may need manual settings. With the many concerns we have for our families, we must look into these features a lot closer. Many of the smart homes have great capabilities to warn the people living inside of potential threats coming to the home or outside the property. A lot of owners connect their smart homes with local police and fire departments which can help quickly notify officials with regard to natural disasters or real emergencies.


Many smart homes already have electrical circuits which can automatically be adjusted to different voltages for various appliances or devises.

The electric controller systems in many smart homes also have monitors that check the circuity inside of the house. It will have the capability to disable any short circuit or it may disconnect via sensors especially when detecting gas or water leakage in the house. These features may avoid potential fires and unwanted expenses to the home or injury to people.


I found many times that smart home has the best visual and sound quality system for home entertainment. Nowadays, you should know that a smart home should have the multi-channel systems in each room that will allow you to check the Internet or download multimedia files on any location of the house. In the wall speakers, above the ceiling o smart system, monitors and other items will make this a smart home.


You can adjust the utilities to take advantage of lower rates when it comes to your utility bills. At some time, less waste means that you will not be billed for high maintenance bills and will definitely take a great way to save more money. This should be an important way of looking at your new home.


A smart home may have accessibility technologies that are helpful for disabled or elderly people especially if you plan to bring your mother, grandmother, father or grandfather or a disabled relative. Voice-command systems can do things such as locking doors, controlling lights or operating a telephone.


Another benefit of purchasing a smart home is that you can experience superior thermal comfort. During the winter when the sun is much lower in the sky, the smart home’s passive design will maximize warmth and light from the sun. Thermal mass features will absorb the heat of the sun and radiate warmth into the room when the sun has disappeared.

Passive design acts differently when it comes to summer. It will block the heat and stop the sun from directly entering the home. It will absorb the heat that people do not want in their home during the day and release it later in the night when it is more useful. If there is a breeze blowing, smart homes will utilize natural cross ventilation and release hot air through high windows and vents thus keeping the home naturally cool.


When the time comes to sell a smart home, especially homes in your local market such as Berwyn, Cicero, Stickney, and Lyons, you will have lots of effective selling points. You can explain the system and describe how much it makes life easier to a potential buyer after you lived in a smart home. A home that features a wide range of automated systems has the potential to be sold much more easily than a regular or conventional home.

The perception that purchasing a smart home is an expensive endeavor has dampened customer enthusiasm. However, people who choose to purchase this type of home can experience significant savings on their utility bills and good security. As they become more affordable, these homes are a good investment. All in all, smart homes are a staple of the present and not a wave of the future. Good luck with your home search. If you want to contact me and have one conversation about financing your new home, let know.


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